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How to properly check proxy against a blacklist?

What's a blacklist? It's a list of IPs which were detected as a source of some malicious activity. Different blacklists add IPs for different reasons. If you don't send emails, you can safely ignore Spamhaus, as an example. So you should check what exactly blacklist does before taking it into account. Listing doesn't mean that an IP is bad. You can try your own IP address, you'll probably see that some dynamic IPs your provider assigns to you are actually listed. But you're still able to use your IP fully without any issues, even though it's listed. That's why you should find out whether a site you're using checks against blacklists or not first, before taking it into account.

If you want to check an IP against blacklist, you should open this blacklist website and find a search field. Enter an IP into the search field and if nothing's found - IP was not listed in this blacklist. You can check any SOCKS5 proxy against Sorbs, Spamhaus, Spamcop, Barracuda, NJABL in our app in one click.

If you have any additional questions about blacklists, you can ask us by the contacts listed at the bottom of our site, or in the live chat!