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How to pay with BTC?

There's a lot of misunderstanding regarding BTC payments. This guide will help you pay by BTC and not spend additional money because of a minor mistake.

  • To initiate a BTC payment, simply select BTC as a payment method
  • You'll be redirected to an invoice which will show you the exact amount in BTC and BTC wallet
  • Don't close this invoice. Save the link to this invoice, it can help in case of issues with your payment
  • Open your wallet, go to send, and enter the exact amount in BTC you see and the BTC wallet. The most common mistake our clients make is entering the amount in USD and not in BTC. Your wallet probably uses a different conversion rate, which will result in underpayment. Always remember that BTC doesn't work in USD
  • Double check that the information you entered is correct
  • All modern wallets attach a BTC network fee on top of the amount you enter, but some don't and subtract the fee from the amount you entered. Double check that the final amount covers the invoice
  • Send the BTC
  • You'll see the status of your payment on the invoice you left open and saved before
  • Our site automatically accepts BTC payments after two BTC network confirmations. Time needed to confirm your payment heavily depends on the fee you attached to the payment (or selected from the list). It can take from a few minutes to a few hours. Check the status of your payment on the invoice page.

That's information you need to know before paying by BTC. Underpayment and failure to contact us while the invoice is still active can result in a complete money loss. So, please, pay exactly what you see in the invoice.

If you're still have questions regarding BTC payments, contact our support (contacts are at the bottom of our site).