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SocksEscort version 2.1.4 has been released.
Changelog of version 2.1.4:
  1. Some QuickPanel bugs are fixed.
    1. Fixed issues with synchronization of profile status (profile status icon].
    2. Added "Copy ip address" button, needed for quick copy proxy address to clipboard.
    3. Fixed application fault, happens when user right click on QuickPanel.
  2. Added tray notification icon.
  3. Added check for running an another copy of SockEscort at startup.
  4. Added the option "Override DNS by default", which includes the option \"use remote DNS\" in all processes in ProfileManager.
  5. Expanding the list of countries in our proxies catalog is now one click action.
  6. Fixed bug with proxy filter disabling(history filter].
  7. Added compact view for QuickPanel.
  8. Added network activity charts for applications and profiles.
  9. Fixed proxy tree behaviour issue.
  10. Fixed profile saving issue.