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New version of SocksEscort 2.8
Dear users!
We are happy to announce a new SocksEscort version 2.8. What's changed:
  • Added ZIP codes and ISP name for every IP address
  • Added ZIP code and ISP sort and search
  • Added live proxies availability stats in the app
  • Displayed countries setting is easier to use
  • Added automatic proxy switch by timer (time can be changed in the app settings]
  • Remote proxy DNS is stable now and compatible with more apps
  • Better connection stability, less random disconnects
  • Installer works better now, less conflicts with antiviruses
  • You can disable driver installation in the installer now.
    You"ll need this option if you don"t want to use SocksEscort as a socksifier and will use it as a socks manager instead by manually entering IP:PORT. Or if you use a third-party apps like Proxifier.
  • Added some interface changes
  • Added the ability to upload and use your own socks with login / password authorization
Update socksescort by the link:
For 64bit windows:
For 32bit windows: