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Fix Socksescort slow perfomance
Socksescort slows down by Windows Defender. Check how to fix this issue.
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16 February 2017
New version of Socksescort 2.6
New Socksescort 2.6 with support for 64bit applications.
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22 May 2018
Proxies update and discount!
Proxies update and discount!
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27 November 2019
Breaking SocksEscort news for our customers!
New SocksEscort v2.7 and huge update of proxy list!
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07 September 2020
New version of SocksEscort 2.8
New SocksEscort 2.8 with ZIP codes, ISP name, and more is already available!
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22 October 2020
New version of SocksEscort 2.8.2
Hang bug and other minor bugs fixed in 2.8 version.
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04 November 2020
New SocksEscort Site!
Today we are announcing our new updated website.
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23 November 2021